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I'm a proud product of Denver, by way of Lincoln, Nebraska. I am a community advocate who puts people ahead of profits and isn’t afraid to stand up to big money and special interests to do what is right. From living on my own at 16 years old and experiencing homelessness as an adult, to becoming a successful entrepreneur and community advocate, I have a history of bringing together broad coalitions of people to find solutions and get things done for the residents of Denver.

I've used my 14 years in Denver to fight for forward-thinking social policy that is more compassionate in how we address mental illness, drug use and homelessness as matters of public health, build local businesses that fuel a strong local economy and give back to our community, serve on the boards of nonprofits across the city, and spearhead practical solutions to critical problems. I will bring this kind of leadership to Denver as Mayor.


What We're Fighting For

Why I'm Running

We Need a Denver That Works for All of Us

I am running for Mayor of Denver because I believe in the future of our city and its people.

The people of Denver deserve a city that helps them achieve their dreams, that helps them thrive. Together, we can ensure Denver is the forward-thinking, unique and inclusive city we all know it can be. A vibrant city succeeds through collaboration as we seek equitable and practical solutions to our most pressing problems. I will bring that kind of leadership to City Hall as your Mayor.

Through a synthesis of art, community engagement, education, entrepreneurship, and strong civic leadership we can move Denver into a prosperous future. Denver's government, can, should, and must listen to its people. The people of Denver know what we need.

We need a Denver that works for ALL people.

  • Coalitions

    Together, we can find solutions that improve people’s lives, just as Alternative Solutions Advocacy Project did with Denver’s first tiny home village. Housing is not the only problem that needs broad collaboration. From education to the environment, we need strong coalitions to address the wide variety of problems we face today.
  • Climate

    We need to tackle climate change head on. I am proud to co-chair a Denver Department of Environmental Health committee that produces an annual sustainability symposium, help direct the Resource Innovation Institute, and to have supported the Green Roofs Initiative in 2017. The people of Denver have spoken and, like me, are ready for action addressing climate change and our growing environmental problems.
  • Forward

    Mentorship that mobilizes and empowers young people to take control of their lives and be active in the world around them is imperative for a bright future. For over a decade I’ve been active in groups like Denver Kids, Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestra, and Students for Sensible Drug Policy to help do just that.
  • Solutions

    Collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders requires patience and a willingness to find common ground to ensure decisions made are best for the collective whole. I founded art&, a civically-minded art symposium, to start a dialogue between segmented leadership in our community to explore what can be achieved when we understand intersectionality, break out of our silos and work together.
  • Investment

    Supporting and investing in small business owners and their workers will add to the richness and diversity of our city, grow our local economy, and increase its sustainability. I’m proud to have started businesses that feed into the local economy, highlight the value of creativity, like my magazine Birdy, and give back to the city.


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E-mail: info@kayvanfordenver.com

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