We Need a Denver That Works for All People

I am running for Mayor of Denver because I believe in the future of our city and its people.

The people of Denver deserve a city that helps them achieve their dreams, that helps them thrive. Together, we can ensure Denver is the forward-thinking, unique, inclusive, and equitable city we all know it can be. A vibrant city succeeds through collaboration as we seek equitable and practical solutions to our most pressing problems. I will bring that kind of leadership to City Hall as your Mayor.

Through a synthesis of art, community engagement, education, entrepreneurship, and government, we can move Denver into a prosperous future. Denver's government, can, should, and must listen to its people. The people of Denver know what we need.

We need a Denver that works for ALL people.

As a leader, I believe in immersing myself in the problems we face as a city and working with the people directly affected by crisis to reach solutions. We’re losing a battle in the creation of attainable housing and public transportation that keeps pace with demand while wages remain stagnant. We’re selling functions of our government to private, multinational corporations, while rampant development is bulldozing some of our most tenured communities with no acknowledgement of their rich history. Our jails are violent and unnecessarily overcrowded, and deputies are overworked, while more than half of all those incarcerated struggle with mental illness and/or incarcerated for simple, non-violent offenses. Our current leadership is selling out to attract the Olympics, while resisting green roofs, tiny homes and other creative housing solutions.

Like most folks I speak to in Denver every day, I know we can do better.

I believe we can do better without asking for more from our taxpayers by more wisely utilizing the resources we’re already generously afforded by Denver’s booming popularity. Denver’s growth should be a catalyst for compassion, innovation, and forward-thinking that cements our identity as an ethical and civic leader for our state and country in this new and uncertain world. Our communities can thrive, our creatives can excel, our people can be housed, our environment can be clean, and our government can be transparent.

I want to serve as your Mayor, to work for and with you, to hear from you, and to fight for you and for the city we love.

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